Live Fire Training Systems |    Manufacturer: Kidde Fire Trainers

Aircraft Simulator
Stationary and Mobile
All aircraft types up to Cat. 10

Maritime Trainer
Setup and look imitating ship features

Structural Trainer
Standard/Specific solutions for fire training buildings, new or retrofit

Modular Trainer
Standard ISO containers or Customized Design

Outdoor and Industrial Trainer
Variety of industrial, petro-chemical, transportation & fuel spill fire simulations

Mobile Trainer
Training everywhere
Self contained system with own source of gas and power

Fire Extinguisher Trainer
Portable, Simple operation & Short set-up time
Use of water, foam, powder and CO2 Fire Extinguishers

All types of Customized Fire Training Solutions

Smoke Generating Systems |    Manufacturer: Concept Engineering Ltd

Smoke resistant to temperatures option of upto 200°C enabling dense smoke concentrations
Extremely persistent smoke in turbulent conditions
Perfect tool for PPV Training and resistant to temperatures
Water based, non-toxic smoke
Continuous smoke output
Controllable smoke, from a small wisp to a large plume
Instant, safe smoke on demand
Adds realism to fire training, public order training, mounted police training, military training
Suitable for mock drill, fire training applications, terminal buildings evacuation, large volume smoke fogging, tunnel testing, shipboard training, clean room industry, building leak testing, car park ventilation testing, PPV training, etc.
Ideal for the testing and monitoring of air currents and air movement
Recommended for all fixed BA applications.

Fire Flame Generating System |    Manufacturer: Cordia Incendie

Suitable for Live fire training
Fire Flame Generator with Electrical Valve
Suitable for use with Smoke Generating Systems for generating direct flame/heat source
Remote Control.

Hydraulic Rescue Equipments & Aircraft Recovery Systems |    Manufacturer: Resqtec Zumro

Hydraulic Rescue Equipment
V-Series - Rams
G-Series - Cutters
Q1 Cutter
X-Series - Spreaders
FX-Series - Combi-tools

Pneumatic and Stabilization Rescue Equipment
NT Bags
Shoring Devices - ProFix Max Series

Aircraft Recovery Equipment
R2s and R2S Maxx Lifting Columns
LP Fuselage Bags
Fuselage Lifting Slings
Transport Trailers
Debogging / Tethering Kits
Road Mats.

Extinguisher Filling & Maintenance Systems |   Manufacturer: Brandschutztechnik Muller GmbH

Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen Filling Unit for CO2/N2 Extinguishers
Dry Chemical Powder Pressurizing/Re-filling Units for in-house filling of the Fire Extinguishers
Hydrant Testing Pumps
High Pressure Extinguishing Devices
Fire Brigade Pressure Hoses
Hose Drying Device
Multi-purpose System for testing Powder, Water, Foam & Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Fighter Protective Gear |    Manufacturer: Lakeland Industries Inc.

Fire Fighter Proximity Gear
Wildland Gear
Extrication Suit
Chemical Protective Suit
Fire Fighter Station Wear (Dangaree)
Reflective Safety Clothing
Public Safety Vests, Fire & Police Vests, Incident Command Vests
High Visibility Speciality Vests, Fire Retardant Vests

Fire Alarm Detector Test Equipment |  Manufacturer: Home Safeguard Industries Inc

Fire Alarm Detector Test Equipment
Smoke Detector Tester
Choice of Enclosed or Open Delivery Test Equipment
Dust Air
Heat Detector Test Kit

Fire Fighter Helmet |    Manufacturer: Bullard

Structural Fire Fighting
Air Rescue & Navy Fire Fighting
Emergency & Rescue
Wildland Fire Fighting
Industrial Fire Fighting
Municipal Fire Fighting

Fire Fighter Boot |    Manufacturer: Haix - Schuhe Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH

High quality Boots for:
Fire Fighting
Law Enforcement
Station Ambulance

Emergency Burn Care |    Manufacturer: O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.

Fire Blanket
Large Burn Kit
Mini Burn Kit
Face Mask
Body Towel
Burn Wraps
Burn Pads.

Gas Detection |    Manufacturer: Henan Hanwei Electronics

Portable Gas Detectors
Single Gas
Portable Gas Leakage Detector
Fixed Gas Detectors

Breath Alcohol Tester |    Manufacturer: Henan Hanwei Electronics

Digital Breath Analyzers with Printer Option
Electronic Breath Analyzers
Mini Breath Analyzers

Rescue Training Manikin (Human Dummy) |    Manufacturer: Ruth Lee Limited

Fire House Training Manikin
Multi Trauma Manikin
CPR Training Manikin
Search and Rescue Manikin
Military Duty Manikin
Mines Rescue Training Manikin

Fire Training |    FSR Training Academy

Training on operation of Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Prevention Awareness
Training on operation of First Aid, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Protection System
Live Fire Training by using Fire Simulator
Training at Site

Other Equipments

Fire Fighter Rescue Ladders
Multi-purpose Ladders
Runway Foaming Equipment
Decontamination Shower
Emergency Shelters
Spine Board
Washing & Drying Equipments

Cryogenic Cold Resistant Hand Gloves, Insulating Gloves for Electrical Works, Kevlar Hand Gloves, Nitrile Hand Gloves, Leather Gloves, Rubber Gloves, Fire Fighter Gloves
Geiger Counter / Dosimeter
Night Vision and Day Vision Binoculars
Aviation Safety Kit
Spill Control Kit
Hazmat Response Kits
Hazmat Spark Resistant Tool Kits
Equipments for Occupational Health Services

Noise Level Meter, Light Intensity Meter, Anemometer, Heat Stress Monitor, Pulse Oxymeter, etc.